You can use Excel's Find and Select feature to quickly find specific text and replace it with other text. You can also use Excel's Go To Special feature to quickly select each and every cell with formulas, comments, conditional formatting, constants, data validation, etc.


You can either locate the search item for reference, or you can replace it with something else. You can include wildcard characters such as question marks, tildes, and asterisks, or numbers in your search terms. You can search by rows and columns, search within comments or values, and search within worksheets or entire workbooks.

To quickly find specific text, you need to execute the following steps.

1. On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Find & Select.

Screenshot (61).png

2. Click Find

Screenshot (62).png

Upon completion of the task 2, the 'Find and Replace' dialog box will appear. 

3. Type the text you want to find. For example, type Ferrari.

4. Click 'Find Next'.

Screenshot (69).png

Excel will automatically select the first occurrence in the data set.

Screenshot (70).png

5. In order to get a list of all the occurrences, click 'Find All'.

Screenshot (71).png

The 'Find and Replace' dialog box appears (with the Replace tab selected).

Type the text you want to find (Veneno) and replace it with (Diablo).

Screenshot (72).png