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A podcast is a series of audio episodes where hosts chat about a specific topic. It could be a full radio show, an edited segment, or even totally unique content with its own theme. Do you know how you subscribe to a magazine? Well, it’s the same deal with podcasts! You get the newest episode delivered right to you as soon as it’s out. Not every radio show is turned into a podcast, only the ones that make listeners stay in the loop. 

Podcasts dive into all sorts of topics, from current events and true crime to specialized fields like finance and accounting. The medium has really taken off, especially in the U.S. Podcast awareness has shot up—from only 22% of U.S. adults in 2006 to nearly 80% in 2022! By 2023, nearly 70 million Americans were tuning in, and is set to climb to over 110 million by 2029

Podcasting isn’t just for the younger crowd! Did you know that over 20% of adults aged 55 and up listen to podcasts every month? And for those between 35 and 54, it’s more than 40%! The numbers are even higher among 12 to 34-year-olds, at around 50%. Podcasts are gaining popularity as a news source, with over a third of U.S. adults under 50 tuning in regularly.

Best CFO Podcasts

#1 FP&A Today

FP&A Today is your go-to podcast for Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), brought to you by Datarails. This weekly show probes into the challenges and opportunities within the world of FP&A. It features candid and often humorous interviews with FP&A leaders, CFOs, and other finance professionals.

Each episode offers actionable advice about FP&A from career goals to navigating common challenges and offering powerful Excel tips.

Currently celebrating its 100th episode, FP&A Today provides listeners a peek into previously secret FP&A processes. Hosted by Glenn Hopper, a serial start-up CFO and author who has spent two decades enhancing operations through technology and finance automation. The show never hesitates to push the boundaries with compelling episodes.

FP&A Today is available on various platforms including Apple Podcasts, Podbean App, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, PlayerFM, Listen Notes, Samsung Podcasts, and Podchaser. Additionally, you can earn CPE credit per episode by answering a few questions on the Earmark app.

#2 CFO Thought Leader

CFO Thought Leader is often regarded as the quintessential podcast for finance professionals. With a rich archive of interviews, it captures the highs and lows of CFO careers across various sectors. Hosted by Jack Sweeney, it dives deep into the career journeys of CFOs in each episode.

A standout feature of the podcast is when CFOs share their “finance strategic moments”— strategic insights that have empowered them to drive organizational change. The podcast digs into their career struggles, perseverance, and what makes them successful. These were all aimed at inspiring finance professionals to embrace leadership roles. By learning from both the successes and failures of others, today’s CFOs can navigate their own leadership paths with greater confidence and take inspired action.

#3 Run the Numbers

Run the Numbers is a biweekly podcast focusing on financial metrics and business models. It was tailored for ambitious individuals in tech startups. Hosted by CJ Gustafson, the CFO at Partstech and author of “Mostly Metrics,” the podcast shares insights and lessons CJ has gained from his experience as a tech CFO.

The show aims to be a practical guide, covering the essential knowledge CJ wishes he had earlier in his career, informed by both his own experience and by learning from others. Regular topics include Startup SaaS Metrics, Annual Budgeting, Financial Forecasting, Headcount, Equity, Dilution, and Fundraising, all crucial for driving business performance and growth.

#4 CFO Weekly

With nearly 200 episodes to their name, CFO Weekly is a podcast produced by outsourcing provider Personiv. Megan Weis, VP and General Manager at Personiv, hosts the podcast. It previously snagged Gold for “Best Business Podcast” in the Stevie Awards‘ first year. The podcast features a diverse array of guests discussing cost-cutting strategies and providing insights on special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs).

CFO Weekly addresses the evolving role of the CFO, which now encompasses being a long-term performance driver, technology expert, and strategic guide for the entire company. Many accounting leaders find themselves overwhelmed by these expanding responsibilities. The podcast offers valuable advice from CFOs, Controllers, and other industry veterans on streamlining accounting processes, improving efficiency, and adopting a data-driven model, so you can focus on strategy and business growth.

#5 GrowCFO Show

GrowCFO extends beyond its educational platform to mentor CFOs toward success. Host Kevin Appleby leverages the podcast to cultivate the next generation of dynamic and influential finance leaders. Each episode is thematic, tackling topics such as CFO competency assessment, structuring your finance team, and available mentoring opportunities. In their latest episode, Kevin Appleby and Alan Gonsenhauser talk about the importance of collaboration between CMOs and CFOs in synchronizing metrics and growth strategies. They stress the necessity for a shared understanding of modern marketing’s relevance to the organization and the importance of fostering a customer-centric culture. The episode also underscores the importance of cross-functional alignment and having clear boundaries on what marketing should not prioritize as essential elements for growth.

Final Thoughts

Finance has always been shrouded by intrigue and confusion, especially for non-finance individuals. It doesn’t get enough credit for its impact on business and the economy, that’s why podcasts are a game-changer for staying in the loop on finance. They’re easy to get into and packed with wisdom from top players in the field, we get to really see how the CFO’s office packs a punch, shared by top-notch interviewees who know how to spin a good yarn and give practical advice. Picking the right podcast that speaks to your interests is key. Getting into these podcasts can seriously boost your financial know-how, fuel your career growth, and prepare you to handle the twists and turns of the FP&A world.

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