In the above CFI video on building Forecasting Models in Excel you will learn the following:

1. Apply a structured approach to monthly Excel cash flow modeling.

2. Build up assumptions and formulas required to forecast the business.

3. Calculate the monthly cash flow.

4. Analyze the impact of the forecast on the company's balance sheet and capitalization.

The 2nd tutorial we have listed blueprints the most important financial modeling skills. The 10 financial modeling skills that are essential for Excel users in FP&A are as follows (mapped out by 3 categories):

Category 1: Accounting & Finance Knowledge

1. Accounting Skills

2. Linking the Three Financial Statements

3. Forecasting Skills

Category 2: Excel Skills

4. Excel Skills

Category 3: Problem Solving, Logic, Design

5. Problem Solving Skills

6. Attention to Detail

7. Simplification of Complex Information

8. 8 Design skills

9. 19 Presentation Skills

10. Detail vs High Level Strategy Differentiation

The final tutorial video is the fundamental Excel crash course for the finance function. Learn all the Excel tips, tricks, shortcuts, formulas and functions you need for financial modeling in this free crash course. Key concepts include: formatting, ribbon shortcuts, if statements, eomonth, year, paste special, fill right, fill down, auto sum, sumproduct, iferror, today(), concatenate, special numbers, vlookup, index, match,  xirr, xnpv, yearfrac, and much more.