3 Must-Read Daily Finance AI Newsletters for CFOs

The pace of AI innovation in 2023 was simply astounding with frontrunner ChatGPT having now racked up around 1.7 billion users with plenty of applications in the CFO’s Office – from email generation, to market analysis and earnings call preparation.

In 2024 the pressure is on for CFOs to lead when it comes to understanding and steering the course of AI both within the finance departments and the wider business. We have already seen that there were over 30,000 mentions of AI on earnings calls (including from CFOs) by the end of 2023 while nine out of ten chief financial officers say they’re planning higher artificial intelligence budgets for the rest of 2024, according to consultancy Gartner. 

Getting to grips with the daily news about AI in finance is probably the best career move anyone in finance can make.

That’s why we’re here to give you 3 must read-daily Finance AI Newsletters specifically designed for the CFO’s Office. They provide a quick snapshot of the AI news that CFOs must know about their industry, regulation, and wider business and will quickly establish you as a thought leader in your business.

1) Weekly FinTech Digest by Linas Beliūnas

Linas Beliūnas is a business developer, sales professional, and FinTech strategist who is one of the world’s leading voices in finance AI.

Though he has a bachelor’s degree in Economics (with a major in Economics and Politics), Linas Beliūnashas been working in the Financial Services field throughout his career. Today, Linas is leading Lithuanian-headquartered Flutterwave, a payments company that is on their way to becoming a unicorn, according to CB Insights & Fast Company.

He provides a hot take and exclusive overview of some of the hottest trends in AI that the CFO’s Office needs to know about. Linas has 396,000 followers and runs the Weekly FinTech Digest, the biggest FinTech newsletter on LinkedIn and one of the biggest ones in the world counting 146,000 subscribers.

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2) AI Finance Today

AI Finance Today is the premier source of AI news impacting the CFO’s Office.

Breaking news is compiled every day by Brian O’ Connell, a best-selling business and finance book author who has written for The Street.com, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, US. News and World Report, Forbes, Fox News and many others.

AI Finance Today covers everything related to finance and AI: AI regulations, AI in the job market, courses, best practices and AI tools, and breaking news.

Subscribe to the newsletter to get the must-know news affecting your career, whether you are a CFO, controller, FP&A professional, or want practical case studies of AI use in the finance role today. 

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3) Financial Fox, Newsletter by Christian Martinez 

Christian Martinez, Finance Analytics Manager at Kraft Heinz is an in-demand Conference Speaker and specialist in AI in FP&A who teaches a top-rated course on opportunities for finance professionals. His newsletter includes posts such as Microsoft Copilot for Finance and practical tips and hands on experience such as “How to upload an Excel to Chat GPT and analyze it?”

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