The Best AI Tools for Excel Users

Microsoft Excel has served as a standard instrument for organising data and assessment. However, with the rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) it has now grown much more potent.

AI solutions that are connected with Excel may automate tedious activities, make wise recommendations, and glean insightful information from large, complicated data sets.

In this article we’ll highlight the top artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that work in tandem with Excel to increase efficiency and make the most of the information that you have.

1) Power Query with AI-Based Data Analysis

A powerful tool built into Microsoft Excel is called Power Query. It’s a component of the Microsoft Power BI package, and provides a wide range of AI-based data processing capabilities. Users of Excel can easily clean, convert, and integrate data from diverse sources thanks to this robust tool. Its AI algorithms can automatically recognise data patterns, find and eliminate duplicates, and deftly fill in blanks. Employees can prevent endless hours of tedious data elimination by utilising the AI capabilities of Power Query, freeing them of their time to focus on more important analytical activities.

2) Datarails FP&A Genius

Datarails is an Excel based FP&A software solution that automates budgeting and forecasting. With a completely native Excel interface, it is one of the most complete tools for finance teams that use Excel. A new feature called “FP&A Genius” provides an AI chatbot that answers finance questions based on historical and trusted data.

3) Automated Forecasting with Excel Forecast Sheet

A lifesaver for data aficionados looking for AI-driven predicting skills is Excel’s built-in Forecast Sheet. Powerful predictive programmes that thoroughly examine previous information and produce precise estimates for potential patterns fuel this function.

Without the requirement of intricate statistical computations, the Forecast Sheet intuitively chooses the best-predicting model for your information. Excel users may accurately forecast future prices and tendencies by utilising this AI tool, enabling more well-informed decisions.

4) DataRobot for Excel – Machine Learning Made Simple

An easy-to-use add-in allows the well-known AI platform DataRobot to interface with Microsoft Excel. With the help of this connection, Excel users may take benefit from automatic machine learning algorithms without having any programming knowledge.

Clients can easily create, set up and manage robust machine-learning models customised to their unique requirements using DataRobot for Excel. This AI-powered application simplifies the procedure and equips Excel users to fully realise the promise of AI-driven perspectives, whether it be for forecasting sales, categorising data, or carrying out other sophisticated statistical operations.

5) Smart Data Visualisation with Power View

The Power View component of Microsoft Power BI gives Excel users access to powered AI data visualisation tools. Power View uses clever algorithms to offer the best graphical representations that communicate findings when a user selects the data and visualisation choices. This AI-powered application allows those using Excel to display difficult results aesthetically, increasing the effect and interest of data displays. Excel users can easily turn unprocessed information into captivating visual stories using Power View, enabling informed choices in a variety of disciplines.

Enhancing Audit Quality through Automation and AI

PwC’s 2021 AI Predictions survey has shown an encouraging trend of rising AI investment both during and after the COVID-19 recovery phase. Notably, in reaction to the effects on the economy from COVID-19, 52% of respondents have expedited their AI strategy. These businesses attribute the majority of the COVID-19-related changes to the advent of fresh applications of AI (40%) and a sharp rise in spending on AI (also 40%).

Already back in a 2019 report, Deloitte found that “Analytics and AI-driven enterprises” claimed that 89% of firms have included AI in their information-handling processes or are thinking about doing so. Deloitte underlines that when AI is included in Excel through capabilities like Power Query and Power View, firms can quickly identify useful insights that improve their strategic choices.

According to IBM, KPMG aims to integrate advanced technologies, including IBM Watson, into their processes with the launch of a cognitive lab and a commitment to innovation. KPMG strives to invest in the tools necessary for excellent auditing, giving their auditors the tools, they need to flourish in the digital world of today while meeting their obligations to shareholders, auditing panels and leadership.


The use of AI technologies in Excel expands the range of options available for data analysis and visualisation. These AI-enabled applications enable Excel users to operate more intelligently and productively, from automated data cleansing to forecasting future patterns.

Using these top AI tools in your Excel process will surely improve your statistically-driven decisions and provide fresh benefits for your tasks, whether you’re an academic, corporate professional or data analyst.

As the world of computer programs and artificial intelligence is always changing, keep in mind to check out the most recent AI technologies that are accessible to Excel users. Test and investigate these tools as well to make sure they suit your unique requirements and tastes.

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