Best Websites to Learn Excel

Microsoft Excel is a widely used software employing spreadsheets for organizing data, performing financial analysis, and more. It is deeply integrated into global business operations. Whether scrutinizing stocks, managing budgets, or organizing client sales lists, its influence is profound.

Why it’s Important to Learn Excel?

Employers highly prize candidates with Excel proficiency, offering them various advantages. How this proficiency can benefit you?

  • Enhances your marketability.
  • The more you refine your Excel skills, the more efficiently you can tackle diverse projects and tasks.
  • Roles in finance and accounting heavily rely on Excel for financial modeling and report analysis.
  • Engineers and Data Analysts can utilize Excel to prepare valuable datasets for performance forecasting and decision-making.
  • Knowing this versatile computer program can result in a higher salary.

Basic Excel Learning Websites

1. Microsoft Excel Learning Center

Microsoft provides live coaching to enhance your Excel skills, covering formulas, tips, and more. It offers resources, tutorials, and assistance for users encountering issues or seeking guidance with Excel, including troubleshooting, how-to guides, and feature explanations.

2. GCF Global

For nearly two decades, the initiative has empowered millions worldwide to acquire vital skills necessary for thriving in the 21st century. Covering a wide array of subjects from Microsoft Office and email etiquette to literacy, numeracy, and beyond, presents a diverse selection of over 300 topics. With an extensive library of more than 6,000 lessons, 2,000 videos, and 50 interactive tools and games, all available at no cost. This site offers the freedom to learn at your own pace, on your terms.

3. The Spreadsheet Page

Since 2005, The Spreadsheet Page has been crafting and distributing expertly crafted spreadsheet templates. Embraced by millions worldwide for business, personal, and educational needs, their Excel templates stand out for their robust functionality and ease of use.

One cool thing about this website is the Excel Tips section! You’ll find everything from formatting tricks to formula hacks, chart magic to graphic design tips, and even printing solutions. They cover everything from basics like dealing with fractions to more advanced tricks like disconnecting a pivot table from its data source, as well as answering common questions about spreadsheet protection. Their library is packed with easy-to-use tools, and guess what? You can download and use all their files for free!

Intermediate Excel Learning Websites

1. Great Learning

Great Learning provides an Intermediate Level Excel course, equipping you with the skills to maximize Microsoft Excel’s effectiveness. Here, you will learn to use formulas for complex calculations and data analysis. You will also gain comprehensive knowledge in data cleaning, visualization, aggregation, and charting techniques.

2. HubSpot Excel Resources

Excel is a top skill for data-driven marketers, so mastering its functionalities is key. At HubSpot, they have a course specifically dedicated to helping marketers succeed. They offer a range of educational resources on Excel, from in-depth ebooks to handy templates and engaging tutorials. Their goal is to cover a wide array of Excel topics to meet the diverse needs of marketers aiming to boost their skills in this essential tool.

3. UTRGV Website

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) provides a comprehensive paid intermediate Excel course. This training equips you with the expertise to transform data into actionable insights for informed decision-making. Through hands-on learning, you will master tasks such as consolidating data from diverse sources, preparing it for reporting using Microsoft Excel tools and securing your worksheets with validation and permissions. By the end of the course, you will possess the skills to create refined datasets, build insightful dashboards, and conduct essential analyses.

Expert Excel Learning Websites

1. Coursera

In 2024, Coursera offers 14 courses tailored for Advanced Excel learners. These courses aim to boost skills in data analysis, financial modeling, and spreadsheet management, preparing you for complex tasks in the swiftly evolving data management. Among the options are Excel Business Analysis, Creative Problem Solving for VBA, and advanced AI tool integration.

Their partner educators boast credibility in Excel from esteemed institutions like Google Cloud, Stanford, and Imperial College of London. While signing up is free, certain learning sessions with these universities may incur fees, allowing for a flexible learning schedule.

2. Udemy

Udemy stands out as a reputable platform for mastering expert-level Excel, providing free fundamental Excel courses alongside. 

Their Excel learning package is priced between $17 and $20, offering approximately 15 hours of expert-led downloadable lectures. The array includes beginner to advanced bundles, Excel masterclasses, VBA training, and even Excel hacks.

3. Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Expert

Of course, there’s no better place to learn expert-level Excel than from the creator itself!

Get ready to excel in Excel with a range of training options – from beginner to expert level! You can choose certifications like Microsoft Office Specialist 2013, Office 2016, Microsoft 365, and more. 

Depending on your role or interests – whether you’re an administrator, business owner, consultant, or any other – there’s something for everyone. While most course materials can be downloaded for free, some software and app fees may apply.

Importance of Excel to Business

Excel helps you organize and analyze data effortlessly. Businesses rely on Excel for everything from budgeting to forecasting and spotting trends.

Wondering how to whip up a business budget in Excel? Well, Excel has your back with a bunch of templates for personal and business use. To craft a business budget, start by selecting a suitable template. Most templates include input labels, analytical formulas, and separate worksheets for key budgeting categories like income, personnel costs, and operational expenses. Users can also customize their budget by entering labels, tables, and formulas manually.

As for keeping tabs on those business expenses using Excel, no worries! Excel has got nifty templates for that too such as the Expense Report template tailored for business expenses. Columns are organized with adjustable headers for specific expenses. The user-friendly template allows easy data entry into designated cells. Alternatively, users can opt to create customized expense reports from scratch.

Here are also some business aspects where Excel could help:

Data Visualization and Charts

Excel’s charting features assist in visualizing data, allowing businesses to create various charts quickly. Data visualization presents information clearly, helping stakeholders understand trends and insights effectively.

Data Organization and Management

It helps businesses create databases, track inventory, manage financial records, and store information efficiently. Excel’s grid structure simplifies data entry, editing, and organization, ensuring easy access to well-organized information for management use.

Project Management

Excel serves as a versatile project management tool, aiding businesses in tracking project timelines, allocating resources, and monitoring progress. It enhances organization, collaboration, and timely project completion.

Inventory Management

For inventory management, Excel helps track stock levels, monitor turnover, and generate reports on movements. It optimizes stock levels, reduces costs, and prevents overstocking.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Excel can act as a simple CRM solution for small businesses, managing customer data, interactions, and sales leads effectively.

HR and Employee Management

Excel supports basic HR tasks such as employee record-keeping, attendance tracking, and payroll calculations, providing a simple solution for smaller businesses.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

Excel’s data analysis features, like pivot tables, help businesses derive insights efficiently. Power Query and Power Pivot enhance Excel’s capabilities for business intelligence, extracting valuable insights from data.

Financial Analysis and Budgeting

Its functions and formulas simplify calculations like revenues, expenses, and profit margins. Budgeting and forecasting become more manageable, aiding in informed financial decisions.

Sales and Marketing Analysis

Excel aids businesses in analyzing sales data, tracking marketing campaigns, and assessing channel effectiveness to optimize sales and marketing efforts.

Scenario Planning and Sensitivity Analysis

Excel’s “What-If” analysis tools enable businesses to conduct scenario planning and sensitivity analysis, making informed decisions based on potential outcomes.

Risk Management and Decision Making

Excel assists in risk management by evaluating risks associated with projects or decisions, aiding businesses in minimizing potential risks and making well-informed choices.

Collaboration and Sharing

Excel facilitates collaboration among team members, allowing multiple users to work on the same workbook simultaneously. It enhances teamwork and real-time updates while ensuring data security and privacy.

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